Review - Kiss Me Satan #1

"If I had the right ammo, I could've taken all four of them."

Silver bullets give you what's needed to deal with a werewolf. They don't really give you the moxie to actually do it though, requiring an extra rambunctious type to get the job done. Barnabus Black is just that person in Kiss Me Satan #1 from Dark Horse.

The issue is written by Victor Gischler, illustrated by Juan Ferreyra and lettered by Nate Piekos.

If you haven't been to New Orleans lately, you probably wouldn't know that werewolves run the town. Cassian Steele is what some would consider the leader of the werewolves in that fine town, eagerly expecting a new heir to his throne. It turns out though that perhaps that heir might not be exactly as expected, leading to Barnabus Black to make a rather bombastic and gun-filled entrance. Mixed in are fortune-telling witches and demon retrieval teams, all of which makes for some really fun reading.

Barnabus is a man with a past tied to heaven and hell. Gischler's story plays on the "religious messenger" story, but he offers up werewolves instead of vampires or demons--a refreshing change. Their hierarchical dynamic is on display with the pack needing an heir in order to maintain the rule. Barnaby's role is a little bit of a mystery to this point. Other than two rather violent introductions, how he plays into working with (or against) the werewolves remains to be seen. The Witches are also an interesting trio, presenting an added layer of complexity to the entire dynamic.

Ferreyra's art is a good complements the story well. It's a very frenetic first issue and his work keeps up with the pace. The panels do a really creative job in blending the lettering into the art, making it feel organic and more natural. Werewolves demonstrate a very brutal mentality that's fitting with their reputation and Barnaby is depicted as more than capable of handling his own. There are some pages where the violence is a little excessive, but it does fit within the context of the book's theme.

Kiss Me Satan #1 sort of mocks the concept of demon hunters, demons and werewolves. Barnabus is an anti-hero of sorts who seems to be the star, but doesn't really play a very big role in the first issue. He's clearly poised to be a bigger deal down the road and Cassian will likely be the reason for his involvement. How the trifecta of werewolves, demon hunters and witches all interact will make for an interesting read over the course of the series. Gischler and Ferreyra make a great team and the first book is an intriguing read.

Kiss Me Satan #1 is in stores now with interiors below.