Preview - Ash and the Army of Darkness #1

Steve Niles is two of the names (together of course) that are synonymous with horror. Ash lives and breathes horror everyday in his world in Army of Darkness. Naturally, pairing the former with the latter only makes sense, with Dynamite Entertainment mixing in Dennis Calero and Ben Templesmith on Ash and the Army of Darkness #1.

The battle has been fought and won. Ash battled and defeated the Deadite image of himself and saved the world. Now all he wants to do is get home and have a normal life. Too bad he messed up the Book of the Dead incantation. New series. New start. Will Ash ever escape the land of the Deadites? Will he ever find his girl? Will he ever remember the last part of the incantation? Now an army of unbelievable horrors rules the land and only Ash can annoy them.

The book is in stores October 30 with interiors below.