Review - Metal Locus #1

"I don't like threats. RAWR!"

In the not too distant future, we're led to believe that there are some individuals out there who are very good at stealing things. Many times, those thefts involve some gunfights and high-speed chases, both of which make for livening up the story even more. Those characteristics and more are on full display in Metal Locus #1 from Frozen Beach Studios. The issue is written by Stephen Nilson, illustrated by Larry Watts, lettered by Charles Pritchett and colored by Romulo Fajardo, Jr.

Charlie and Cliff team up with Hermes, a high tech courier, who is on the run as every corporation wants to get a hold of the information inside his skull. The three of them must make their way from Chicago to Detroit to deliver the information, but what happens when the program in Hermes head doesn't want to make it to its destination? Needless to say, things get a little crazy on that front and lead to some high-speed car chases and other misadventures.

Stories of hitmen and couriers are always fast-paced and Nilson has ensured that atmosphere remains on display in Metal Locus #1. Hermes is believable as an experienced courier, demonstrating an ability to get out of a seemingly impossible situation (thanks to a little help from his friends of course). What exactly he's carrying isn't completely described though, save for a rather meta conversation akin to what what Master Chief experiences with Cortana. There's the inevitable group of individuals after Hermes and his cargo; it's expected that their reasoning for hunting him will be revealed as the importance of the package is detailed further.

Watts' art is very static in most places. His use of very strong lines make the characters seemingly stand in front of the settings, almost as if they're cardboard cutouts. The action scenes also look like freeze frame images, with something missing that makes them feel as if they're really conveying action. Some of the character anatomy looks a little out of proportion, but Watts really nails it with Charlie, a hulking beast of a man. His size and stature dominate the page when he's present and Watts has a great handle on how he interacts with the others through his brute strength.

Metal Locus #1 is a little unevenly paced with some inconsistent art that offers a rather imaginative look at the future of crime. The package that Hermes absconded with has the potential to be pretty major in the grand scheme of things and the fact that it's somewhat sentient is interesting. There are dangerous people going after it for whatever reason, hopefully one that will be revealed in future issues. The characters are pretty standard and what brings them together has yet to be revealed, although it's expected that they'll manage to stick together regardless of whatever comes their way.

Metal Locus #1 is available via comixology now.