Preview - Knight Rider #1

The Knight Rider riff is both hard to get out of your head and relied upon by Timbaland for some of his songs. It was also the introduction to a great show that featured a car a little too smart for its own good. Lion Forge Comics is tapping that well again for a brand new comic in Knight Rider #1.

The issue is written by Geoffrey Thorne, illustrated by Jason Johnson, colored by Milen Parvanov and Sai and lettered by Deron Bennett. Despite official protocol, F.L.A.G. Agent, Michael Knight thinks the one thing the brilliant Dr. Katherine Beachum needs most is a night on the town, away from the lab and her ultra-secret research project. Everything’s going fine until a squad of gun-toting mercenaries crashes their party.

The issue is in stores now with interiors below.