Preview - Empire of the Wolf #1

Empires rise and fall all the time. Whether or not they would last a little longer if they were more honest with themselves and recorded more of their actions remains to be seen. In Empire of the Wolf #1 by Michael Kogge, Dan Parsons, David Rabbitte and Marshall Dillon, that question will be asked and answered.

Tacitus and Suetonius, eminent historians of antiquity, left few stones unturned in their Annals of Imperial Rome. They chronicled not only the greatest triumphs of the Roman legions, but also Rome's most devastating defeats. They gave detailed reports on the politics of the senate, from its most eloquent debates down to its pettiest feuds. No one was spared of their stylus -- not even the Caesars -- whose salacious deeds they recorded with seeming delight. Of all the stories they recounted, they omitted only one. The Truth.

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