Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. Originally it was a post of news and tips to help survivors make it one more day alive, but now it has became a story of my fight to survive and to keep on living.)

Year 5. Week 29.

The time has come to get out of town. We've seen movement that would imply the zombies know where the base outside of Reno is located and are coming in force to kill us all. Right now, it's a race against the clock to get all of the important gear, supplies and weapons out of here before this place becomes overrun. With the amount of zombies coming there is no illusion about winning a fight here.

We were only able to learn this as a convoy of vehicles that were heading towards northern California were attacked and destroyed by a large zombie force. The thinking is they will figure out what direction those vehicles came from and follow the path back to our doorstep. It was a team from the northern California survivor camp who were the ones to discover the gruesome battle when the convoy was late and alerted us to a possible attack here. For the most part all the folks here as well as the things we can haul out of here are going north to Colorado and then spreading out from there to the other survivor camps, as well as flowing northwest to the government base.

A few of us are planning on staying here to give the zombies some fight to give the rest a chance to put as many miles between them and here as possible. Now we aren’t planning on dying here either as we have two helicopters that will be getting the people who stay behind to fight a way out. We just could not stand to let this place be destroyed without a fight after all the work put into it as well as how long I have been travelling to get here. When the zombie horde does get here they are going to find a few surprises waiting for them. I cannot say if all of us will make it out of the fight alive, but I can say for damn sure a lot of zombies are not going to be getting up when we are done.

Even before the zombies get to our front door they'll have a fun field of pits, mines, IEDs and all manner of other traps to get through before we even start shooting at them. This is where the numbers go in our favor being so numerous and pack together none of the traps are to be missed in this case. On top of that we will have, there will be some air support from the government forces in the form of jets, bombers and even some artillery. They're looking to cause some havoc as much as we are and ready to take some revenge on these undead bastards.

After this battle we need to get a new plan going as running and hiding is just not cutting it anymore. We need to stay on the offensive and keep taking the fight to the zombies. Sure, this will definitely lead to some survivor casualties, but at least their death is accomplishing a much greater goal of keeping that zombie they kill from getting somebody else. Depending on how much damage we do to the zombie horde it might be time to turn the tide and take the fight back to Carson City and killing as many of the radioactive smart zombies as we can find.

There are only two futures ahead of us fighting. Dying at the hands of zombies; with extinction to follow or fighting back and killing all the zombies assuring us a future of a life without fear of zombies. These next weeks are going to be the turning point in this almost six year war between man and zombie.