Preview - American Vampire: Second Cycle #1

People love their vampire stories. Maybe it's the eternity they live. Maybe it's the invincibility. Or maybe it's that people are scared of their own mortality, yet enjoy the fear. Whatever the case, vampires always make for interesting stories. Vertigo Comics knows this and have again teamed up with Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque and Dave McCaig for American Vampire: Second Cycle #1.

Pearl Jones is a new kind of vampire, one of an American breed that can walk in the sun and has rattlesnake fangs. She’s beautiful and powerful – and she’s hiding from a tragic past. Skinner Sweet is an American vamp too – the kind you love to hate. He’s good when he wants to be, but most of the time he’s downright bad. He’s Pearl’s maker, but he’s off in Mexico with an agenda of his own. The question is when (and where) will their stories collide and will it help them or hurt them.

The book is in stores now with interiors below.