Preview - Dredd: Underbelly #1

Dredd was a film that garnered appeal with a small number of fans. It wasn't exactly a hit, but there were some who were keen on the film for what it was. The jury is still out on whether or not there's a sequel, but in the meantime, 2000AD has an unofficial sequel planned in Dredd: Underbelly #1.

The one-shot will be written by Arthur Wyatt, illustrated by Henry Flint, colored by Chris Blythe and letters by Ellie De Ville and is based on Alex Garland and Pete Travis' Mega-City One sees the eponymous lawman investigates a gruesome mass grave. With his former rookie Judge Anderson he soon discovers that the collapse of the Ma Ma clan has left a dangerous power vacuum - but what new drug will fill the gap and who is willing to kill for it?

The book is in stores April 9 with interiors below.