Review - Danger Girl: Mayday #1

"Shall we begin?"

Danger Girl is rife with exactly what her name implies: danger. She's been on many adventures in her time, but few of them have put her in a tough spot in Danger Girl: Mayday #1 from IDW Entertainment. The issue is written by Andy Hartnell, illustrated by John Royle, inked by Jose Marzan, Jr., colored by Romulo Fajardo and lettered by Neil Uyetake.

Amidst an all-new cast of sinister characters come secrets from Deuce's past. Abbey Chase is found mixed with some wreckage near an island, one that has clearly seen better days and looks to be the sight of a war. The mercenaries who find her have grand plans of reviving her in an effort to bring her on their side. What they don't completely realize though is that she might be more than even a skilled team of fighters can completely handle and control.

Danger Girl: Mayday #1 is sort of a book in three acts. The first act consumes the bulk of the issue and presents the scenario, the second act introduces the reader to Abbey Chase and the third act prepares the reader for what comes next. In that perspective, the book feels slightly simple. Upon reading it though, the reader recognizes that there's a lot going on, with the aforementioned mercenaries essentially playing with fire in keeping her alive. They're greedy sure, but Abbey is clearly someone who is more than capable of handling any matter of combat situation, primarily owing to her excessive training.

Royle's art is done well, with characters illustrated in ways that emphasize their abilities. Combat is handled pretty effortlessly, which is saying something considering the bulk of the book is inked by Royle with some dark lines. What's more, the colors of Marzan, Jr., are pretty vivid, even if most of the tale takes place at night asea. There are some issues where the character movements look a little over-exaggerated; for instance, there's quite a few panels where one of the female characters are kicking high in a way that looks almost unnatural. Other than that though, the art is mostly presented in a way that matches the story.

Danger Girl: Mayday #1 is a book focused on a character who many may not be completely aware of, but is someone not to be trifled with. She may not be in full force at the beginning of the issue, but it's clear to the reader that eventually she'll be up to speed when it comes to her capabilities. Hartnell's script is fast-paced and a lot of setup, while the artistic team gives the reader lots of eye candy. Danger Girl: Mayday #1 is a book that Danger Girl fans will definitely want to check out and may be a good jumping on point for new readers as well.

Danger Girl: Mayday #1 is available in stores April 23.