Review - The Field #1

"Get that sweet can of yours into my mother lovin' car."

Many of us have been in a situation where we wake up the next day and have some trouble remembering events of the night before. More often than not, that sequence of events usually involves a night of debauchery. Rarely though does it lead to one waking up in the middle of a field in their underwear with little to no context for their current predicament. Image Comics is publishing a story that starts a little crazy and gets even crazier in The Field #1. The book is written and lettered by Ed Brisson and illustrated by Simon Gough.

A man wakes in a field wearing nothing but his underwear. He's got no idea who he is or how he got there. His only connection to the outside world a cell phone on which he receives mysterious texts warning him of impending danger. Danger like Christian, an ex-bible sales-man in the middle of crime spree fueled by Christian Rock, dirty sex, meth, murder and keeping this underwear clad, nameless and pastless man close by his side. And that's all in one night, which makes the story that much crazier.

Brisson's pacing is excellent in The Field #1 and offers a ton of mystery to the reader. There's no context given for the man to awaken in the field in his underwear, just like there's no context for Christian's somewhat erratic mood swings. The Field #1 drops the reader into the middle of the story much like the underwear-clad character, giving them something to both grab and hang onto in an effort to understand what's going on. It's very powerful in that the reader has just as many questions as the main character and shares some of his fears from Christian. Christian is pretty unhinged, which adds another layer of complexity to the story in addition to fear.

Gough's illustrations are pretty vague in their descriptions, but that style really helps the story feel even more dangerous. The mystery man is illustrated with an air of confusion, as would most likely be the case for anyone waking up in his position. Christian wears his murderous instincts on his body and clothes, as he comes across very disheveled in general. Both characters are illustrated to great effect and really embody their personalities exceptionally well. There's also some fantastic coloring, with Gough drawing on mostly blacks, blues and yellows, showcasing the night that most of the comic takes place in. There are some red accents as well that enhance some of the more freaked out scenes that Christian is subject to.

The Field #1 is extremely intriguing and offers up a slew of questions and mystery, all of which surround the mystery man and Christian. There's another group of people also after the man, as well as a mysterious caller trying to contact the man and offer him survival advice. Brisson offers up pretty snappy dialogue that carries the story along at a brisk pace that keeps the reader engaged and invested. Gough presents an illustrative style that shows Christian as psychotic and the mystery man just as fearful for his life and trying to figure out the predicament he's in. The Field #1 is a book that's fascinating and refreshing, presenting readers with a story that's equal parts investigation and speculation.

The Field #1 is in stores April 2 with interiors below.