Age of Darkness Hits Philadelphia

Zenescope is entering an Age of Darkness. It's not nearly as bad as it seems though, considering it really only affects the storylines in their books. Still, if you happen to see a dark cloud making its way over Wizard World Philly, it's likely because the publisher will be on-hand, bringing their version of darkness to the show in their hometown. Not only that, but they're also celebrating the launch of Grimm Fairy Tales #100.

The publisher will have several artist signings and panels during the course of the event at booth #1501. Zenescope promises free comics, exclusives, giveaways and coupons at the booth. Meanwhile, a separate booth for imprint Silver Dragon Books is # 1430.

Full press release below.

ZENESCOPE:  A Philly Brand with Philly Roots
Zenescope Entertainment is a Philly Brand with Philly Roots!!  Zenescope will bring their 2014 AGE OF DARKNESS TOUR back to their home base of Philadelphia, PA at Wizard World Philadelphia from June 19th – 22nd . Hometown guys, Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco, began Zenescope Entertainment in 2005 as a creative outlet to evolve comics and graphic novels into mainstream entertainment.  9 years later and approaching a landmark event with the publishing of Grimm Fairy Tales #100, Joe and Ralph still find they draw inspiration from the same people and places that prompted them to start the business.  With the takeoff of the company and the expansion into children’s publishing with the addition of Silver Dragon Books, Zenescope is excited to meet loyal fans at Wizard World Philadelphia!

Wizard World Philly – Philadelphia, PA - June 19th-22nd at the Philadelphia Convention Center Booth 1501.

 A separate booth for imprint Silver Dragon Books is  # 1430.

The company will have several artist signings and panels during the course of the event.  Zenescope promises free comics, exclusives,  giveaways, and coupons at the booth.

For more information and to schedule interviews with co-creators Joe Brusha or RalphTedesco, please email

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About Zenescope Entertainment
Zenescope Entertainment was founded by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco in 2005, and has quickly grown into one of the top comic book and graphic novel publishing companies in the world. Zenescope's Grimm Fairy Tales and subsequent spinoff series such as Oz, Wonderland, Neverland and Robyn Hood, which re-imagine classic fables, are some of the best-selling and longest-running original independent comic books on shelves today. Zenescope publishes and develops both original and licensed material and has worked with dozens of clients that include Discovery Channel, History Channel, CBS, Lionsgate TV, Mandalay Vision, New Line Cinema, Titmouse Studios and many others.