Review - ZippyCakes and SnotMuffin #1

"Running...isn't really my forte."

When faced with a bully, you can fight or run. Or summon a cupcake to fight. All three options aren't really the best, but sometimes, they're all you've got, as in ZippyCakes and SnotMuffin #1. The issue is written and illustrated by Justin Invi Vilonna.

ZippyCakes and SnotMuffin are two friends who have a tendency to get in a little over their heads. When they do get in over their heads, they struggle and run really, really fast in order to escape. Despite the fact that one of them can create cupcakes from their mouth in order to, they still can't seem to make things work out their way.

Based on the title of the book, you'd expect it to be pretty breezy and Vilonna ensures that the dialogue supports that. ZippyCakes and SnotMuffin are pretty enjoyable as lead characters, based mainly on their desire to really just get by and not start any fights. The story itself is simple enough as well; predicated on the notion that there are bullies out there who are looking to make life miserable for the less fortunate. ZippyCakes and SnotMuffin are perfectly content with making their way with little trouble even if trouble still manages to find them.

Considering the lighthearted nature of the comic, Vilonna does a great job keeping the art equally cartoony. The panels are pretty straightforward and the book is full of squares and rectangles, all of which show off a vibrant mix of characters. Those characters are pretty cheerful in appearance, clearly inspired by shows like Ren and Stimpy and other famous Nickelodeon programs. Each characters is also clearly defined by one particular color, which only furthers their uniqueness and keeps the reader focused on the action and not trying to keep up with who's who.

ZippyCakes and SnotMuffin #1 doesn't really take itself too seriously. The story is very basic and doesn't really get bogged down in the details of things. Because the story is pretty straightforward, it's easy enough to follow along with and enjoy. His dialogue is pretty simple, but keeps the pace moving very quickly. His art is perfect for the type of book he's creating. ZippyCakes and SnotMuffin #1 offers up a pretty succinct look at bullying and where he takes the series from there hopefully offers a good anti-bullying message.

ZippyCakes and SnotMuffin #1 is available via Comixology now.