Hank McCoy (Before the Fur)

With all of this Marvel movie buzz happening, it’s kind of hard to think about much else isn’t it? I suppose I just have to bite the bullet and react to this avalanche of Marvel movies coming out. Every one is a movie I’m psyched for by the way. Ranging from the long-awaited and anticipated Dr. Strange movie (YES) to even the obscure, but potentially very cool, Inhumans film. A couple of things have been occurring to me as I think about what’s on the horizon. Here’s just some stray thoughts:

The Age of Ultron trailer is, as they say, a ‘beast’ of a trailer. Just frickin’ awesome, complete with eerie, super-slow Disney music. I could just be spreading conjecture here but a couple of things stand out to me:

a. Is that one of Stark’s suits that Ultron is kind of speaking through when he’s rolling up on some Avengers dinner party? It’s like an Iron Man suit (or similar) that Ultron has blown eyes and a mouth into. You know, before we see his ultimate form in the end of the trailer?

b. It makes sense to me that a lot of this movie is going to put the Avengers into conflict with Hulk. But do you think maybe Hulk is fighting some ‘Ultron-ed’ Hulkbuster suit, instead of Stark himself? Like Ultron has taken it over?

c. Will the Vision make an appearance? If so, think he and Scarlet Witch will get together? That’d be weird. But awesome.

d. Is this story going to be about time travel, to some extent? Like maybe someone gets a glimpse of the future, sends a message back through time to warn the Avengers, etc.

Like the comic, I fully expect the Avengers movies to have a rotating cast of characters. That is, you might not end up seeing all actors return for every Avengers film. If Thor has a death scene or something comparable in Thor: Ragnarock, Thor might not appear in a future Avengers film, but Black Panther could or some such. I suspect Thor, Cap and Iron Man will at least be there through Phase 3. But if there’s a Phase 4 it could be a different story.

For Dr. Strange. I want Dormammu. Make that happen. Black Panther? I think this movie could be kick-ass IF it’s done well. See, one of the things I like about Black Panther is just how ridiculously hardcore he really is. He’s always like the last Avenger to go down, the one with the most tactical sense, the one who surprises everyone with one quick, fierce strike, etc. It’s not enough for me to have him in a standalone film though. I want him as an Avenger.

I don’t know to what extent the storylines will completely follow the comics but it might be cool to introduce Death as a character in order to demonstrate that Thanos is in love with her in every sense possible. Fully expect a cliffhanger scene at the end of Infinity War part 1 where Thanos kills every Avenger in his way in the most god awful way imaginable. I also suspect Infinity War might host an Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy crossover. This seems likely to me at some point. Granted, it’s a lot of people to pay for one movie, but it just seems like a nice way to open the Avengers up to the space-frontier kind of thing and make them aware of just who Thanos is.

If they’re really going to do a Civil War movie I think it could be good. I just think it’s going to hurt, bad. For Captain Marvel, I'm not sure what to say here other than I’ll be interested to see how they do this, how they introduce her, etc. And my final thing: The Watcher. Show me the Watcher. Tell me how weird but awesome that would be. Like the Avengers are doing something of some significance, they turn around and there’s this giant, bald-headed alien just sitting in the sky, observing them. Please don’t’ tell me the Watcher is licensed to Fantastic Four or something like that.

Phase 4? Could be daunting to continue, but could it happen? How?