Review - Archeologists of Shadows: Volume 3

What is life and what is death? Does everyone have a destined path? Or are we free to choose how our lives should go? These are the sort of question one ponders about after reading Archeologists of Shadows: Volume 3. I had the chance to check out it out and once again I was just blown away by the visuals, the story and enjoy the questions posed by the third installment. Publisher Septagon Studios has one amazing graphic novel on hand, as co-creators Lara Fuentes (Writer) and Patricio Clarey (Artist) have created a polished graphic novel that just keeps you turning the page to see what's in store for the characters. This has been a project five years in the making and in reading this latest volume you can tell it was a labor of love for all those involved.

Archeologists of Shadows: Volume 3 has been well worth the wait, as it definitely helped fill in some blanks and threw a few surprises in there for good measure. A nice resolution for sure, but I'm hoping this isn't the end of the Alter Egos; they have so many more stories and one hell of a journey to continue on. Fuentes didn't make Volume three as action-packed as the second one, but it had its fair share towards the end and I freaking loved how awesome the Alter Egos have become. As the story unfolds, you see the progression the Alter Egos go through as characters and the new heights they reach in Archeologists of Shadows: Volume 3 are just awesome.

Visually, Clarey set the bar high and still managed to clear it. The steampunk world created is still stunning, vibrant and just brilliant for the characters to inhabit. Every page is dark in a way, but there's also is a brightness to them as well. Each page strikes a perfect balance between the two opposing shades. It all just fits together perfectly and the visuals are what makes the story come alive. I spent twice as much time on each page, as I had to read each page and then go back to look at what was going on visually as well to make sure I didn’t miss a thing.

Reading Archeologists of Shadows: Volume 3 was simply a joy. I know I'll be reading all three volumes again in succession to put the whole story together in its entirety. Fuentes' writing and Clarey's fantastic visual images contained on each page go above and beyond what you'd expect in a graphic novel and are just quite spectacular to immerse yourself in. I hope this isn't the end of the story for the Alter Egos, as they have an entire new world open before their eyes now and knowledge to discover. If you're looking for a compelling story with some visually amazing artwork that makes you question what you know, then you should definitely check out Archeologists of Shadows: Volume 3. It's well worth it and is currently available on Amazon.