Review - Bravest Warriors 2014 Paralyzed Horse Giant

"Lords of chaos, rip my consciousness away from this world."

A horse is a horse, of course of course. Unless it's a telepathic horse who can see things that others can't and happens to go by the name of Paralyzed War Horse. A character such as he demands a plethora of tales and that's what KaBOOM! is going for in Bravest Warriors 2014 Paralyzed Horse Giant. The one-shot is comprised a few short stories. "Jellyfish Beach" is written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Erica Henderson, "Flies" is written and illustrated by Kat Leyh, "Got Your Back" is written and illustrated by Tessa Stone, "Paralyzed With Hunger" is written and illustrated by Pranas T. Naujokaitis and "Outside the Realm of Time" is written by Mairghread Scott and illustrated by Meredith McClaren.

Do you like quirky, left-of-center things, things that are just so unusual, you’re drawn to it? That’s pretty much Paralyzed Horse (and all of the Bravest Warriors for that matter)—a horse that can’t move but has far-reaching knowledge of the present and future. We’ve assembled an amazing team of diverse creators to tell stories of a girl named Beth and her um, unusual horse. This oversized one-shot features new original stories from Paralyzed Horse’s log that span all of eternity and forever, guest starring the entire wacky cast of Bravest Warriors.

Bravest Warriors is one of those properties that trades in the absurd and Bravest Warriors 2014 Paralyzed Horse Giant is no exception. Each story revolves around the aforementioned horse, showcasing his abilities to see far and wide through the universe. Despite the various writers and stories, there's a common theme running through all the stories that enforces that characterization of Paralyzed Horse Giant. Each story is very whimsical and entertaining, offering a certain level of inanity that keeps the stories feeling airy. Those stories should appeal to all-ages as well, even if there are a few aspects that may aim a little older.

Artistically, there's a lot of creativity on display in Bravest Warriors 2014 Paralyzed Horse Giant. Each artist offers their own rendition of the title character and those versions all share enough similarities that the book doesn't feel disjointed. The colors are bright throughout, enforcing the notion that the book is aimed at anyone and everyone. Characters bear their trademark looks as well, which keeps Bravest Warriors 2014 Paralyzed Horse Giant existing in the universe without feeling out of place.

Bravest Warriors 2014 Paralyzed Horse Giant is a pretty whimsical book that fans of Bravest Warriors will definitely want to check out. The stories are about as ridiculous as you'd expect, with each one doing a great job of showcasing the title character. The writers each do a great job of delving into that universe, exploring the character and those surrounding him. There's a rather disparate range of art styles pervasive throughout, each of which is appropriate for the relative story and the character of Paralyzed Horse Giant. Bravest Warriors 2014 Paralyzed Horse Giant is a very lighthearted and entertaining book that has something for everyone.

Bravest Warriors 2014 Paralyzed Horse Giant is in stores November 19 with interiors below.