Preview - Madman in Your Face 3D Special TPB Vol. 1

3D never really took off in theaters like Hollywood probably wanted it to, but it's still a gimmick that can be employed elsewhere. For instance, if you've got a character like Madman and want to make him literally more "in your face," then why not use 3D as a means of letting him really get in your face. That's just what Michael and Laura Allred do in Madman in Your Face 3D Special TPB Vol. 1.

Published by Image Comics, this super-sized specialeffects spectacular features an all-new Madman story by Allred, plus an exclusive 3D gallery of superstar talent: Paolo Rivera, Marcos Martin, Jae Lee, Eduardo Risso, Emma Rios, Nick Dragotta, Andrew Robinson, Sean Murphy, Maris Wicks, Aaron Conley, Jenny Frison, Declan Shalvey, Becky Cloonan, Joe Quinones, Ming Doyle, Nick Bradshaw and more. Plus newly converted 3D versions of the acclaimed “Swiped From Dimension X,” where ALLRED drew almost every panel in the style of a different artist, and “The World’s Biggest Comic Book Panel.” Also includes a cut-out 3D cube and surprises galore! Custom MADMAN 3D glasses included!

The book is in stores now with interiors below.