Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. This is my story of survival)

Year 6. Week 19.

Even when all you want and need is rest; you still can't get it.

This past week I've been taking it easy to recover from that hellish ordeal that Ryan and I went through. You have no idea how relaxing it is to take it easy; not worrying about this or getting that done. Just taking it slow and now we no longer have that option. Another horde of zombies is attacking the walls and testing our resolve in fighting them off. It’s looking more and more likely that all the zombies are grouping together and hitting with force.

Now here I am, gearing up and heading out to the wall for another pitched battle. You could say the atmosphere around here is heightened and bit fearful. “Hey buddy what’s the situation out there?” I asked as the person passed by me.

“Mayhem is what’s going on out there, with the zombies hitting us on two sides and about a hundred or so deep.” He said back to me as he grabbed his rifle off of the rack.
I shake my head at that thought and finish getting myself set up for the fight. Cinching down my gear and knotting my shoelaces, I'm good to go. Last thing to grab is my rifle as I head out the door and down the hall into the sea of people fighting for our survival once more. When you're out there in the open everything you do everyday is a fight for survival. At least here inside these walls we get some time to contemplate other things beyond our surviving that day or the next.

Now we're back to fretting about our survival and all of us doing our part here and now. As I emerge outside the sound of battle is all around me. Gunfire is going off and people are yelling back and forth needing ammo or assistance with taking down some zombies. Looking about I take stock of where I can best make a difference and get my ass to the wall with the most fever-pitched gunfire. Climbing our makeshift inner wall and looking out just has me thinking…

Sometimes you forget what a large number of zombies together sounds and smells like. Taking the environment into play just adds into the chaos especially with the smell. Makes it hard to aim down your sights when you are gagging at the stench of so many dead bodies coming at you. Still, we all have a job to do and killing these zombies is what has to be done. Aiming down my sights I begin to gun down zombie after zombie, pausing only long enough to sight in on the next zombie head. I’m aiming for the zombies that are a bit further back as there are people on either side of me mowing down the zombies closer to the wall with full auto fire using the big guns.

Using only guns to kill the zombies takes time, but we cannot afford to use fire as the smoke will hinder our aim and the heat will cause us to hang back from the wall as we fight. It makes it tougher, but we will prevail. At least we have to prevail if we want to survive. Right now the only thing in my mind is aim and shoot. Aim, shoot…gonna be long afternoon.