Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. This is my story of survival)

Year 6. Week 22.

Bit of a boring week we've had around here. Not a single zombie has been seen or killed.

Warehouses are secured, patrols are monitoring the fences and cataloging the gear has begun. Driving straight through the days allowed us to make some amazing time getting to the Amazon warehouses here in eastern Tennessee. This process should take us optimistically four to six days of getting through all the aisles of goods and grabbing what will help us survive and fight.

The tractor trailers are all kept close to the warehouses with support monitoring and guards on them just in case. It’s been a long time since we've heard any reports or even seen bandits, but you can never be too cautious when you find a bounty of goods this large. Everyone who came on this journey is part of a certain group sorting and loading gear, monitoring the process or patrolling the fences.

When we get closer to being finished some members of the sorting group are going to do recon in the area. They are going to be doing a more in depth recon; as the last time me and the other two members of my team didn’t have a chance to due to lack of food supplies. This time around we are a lot more heavily supplied, armed and mobile allowing us to do a lot more scouting. When we driving here we did pass endless acres of overgrown corn and soybean fields that we are going to try and see if any of it can be harvested.
Having that food supply in our back pocket will be a nice boost to our overall supplies and could even get some of it packed up and shipped back west to the other outposts. Food we've grown is our only source right now and the more survivors we find the thinner the grown food stretches. Using the scouting parties we can see what equipment there is and-- provided it works--use it to collect these harvests and take some back to plant in the other outposts.

I've also heard Tennessee had a number of cattle and chicken farms all over the state. There's a good chance with six and half years of unchecked growth there could be cattle all over as zombies never seemed to much care for animal flesh as much as they did human. If we could find any of those places, it would be nice to have some beef and chicken again. That will put all of us sitting pretty and maybe allowing us to forget what the world around us is like.

The world truly does move in a circular fashion. We went from the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, to fighting to survive, to figuring out how to survive, banding together, working together to rebuild and now dealing with infrastructure issues and defending ourselves. This world forced us back into the tribe mentality and so long as we keep fighting and surviving together I feel we are going to pull this off. These zombies don’t stand a chance and those radioactive ones--whatever they got cooked up--is not going to work.