Defense With the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. This is my story of survival)

Year 6. Week 23.

Loaded up and heading out. We got the supplies we needed and got the hell out of dodge before it got worse. We started sending out loaded up trucks with convoy cover late last night planning to rendezvous a few hundred miles down the road. We did it this way out of necessity because of the mayhem bearing down on us at the warehouse in the form of a massive herd of zombies. With that type of threat bearing down on us, it made getting all the loaded up trucks we had ready to go out of there even more important. Those supplies are going to go a long way for our survival and are a lot more important than a lot of us. While the trucks and most of the convoy providing cover left, the rest of us got busy setting traps and little surprises for that zombie horde.

From mines to pitfalls to tripwires to propane tank bombs to spikes, everything you can think of we've set up. From lining the roads to digging trenches to funnel the zombies, we've made sure any of them coming this way are in for some surprises. This place is going to be one hell of a warzone and we won't even have to be around for the carnage. This will allow us the opportunity to get as far away as we can while they're busy getting messed up. A small team of about twenty fighters will hang back to cover the path of the convoy and discourage any zombies that get the itch to follow us. That's where the fun comes into play, as I know I'm looking for a bit of payback as are the rest of the guys staying behind. Our plan is to watch the action unfold from a vantage point and once the zombies do wise up and decide to come our way we kick into gear.

Right now, we're heading to that vantage point overlooking the facility. It should be a short drive and short amount of prep work to watch an amazing light show. Apparently someone found fireworks inside one of the warehouses and set them up to go off as well. The roman candles will do some damage when hitting an undead corpse and will produce quite the visual effect. From there the plan is to fall back and follow the convoy back to Kansas City. Using some aerial drones with cameras we also found in the warehouses we'll monitor the zombie movements and see if they are following us. If that's the case then more traps and methods will be used to deter them from our course.

Should be a fun few weeks.