Preview - Under: Monsters Beneath Volume 1

There are some pretty crazy things beneath our feet. Seismic fissures. Molten lava. And don't even get people started on the sewers. Except for Under: Monsters Beneath Volume 1, which wants to look beneath our surface and see what's there. Escorting readers through this journey will be writer Christopher Bec, illustrator Stefano Raffaele and colored by Christian Favrelle.

Crocodiles in the sewers, snakes in the plumbing, giant spiders coming out of manhole covers… all urban myths. Except in Megalopolis. Lieutenant Jericho, a disgraced and disillusioned police officer, is guiding Sandra Yeatman, a student of zoology, through the gleaming new sewer tunnels and the crumbling old ones in search of creatures that should not exist. In the city beneath the city, they find a terrifying infestation that threatens the lives of all who dare to go… under.

The book hits stores March 13 with interiors below.