Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. This is my story of survival)

Year 6. Week 24.

You remember how magical Fourth of July was with all the fireworks, explosions and overall majesty of the night? That's how the day and night at the warehouse complex was like.

Man the explosions, fireworks and amount of noise coming from the warehouses blowing up with zombies on top of zombies going every which way in the air was spectacular. It was rather satisfying watching it all unfold. We even had a pretty good view of it all with a little help from some sneaky devices we found in one of the warehouses: a whole fleet of top of the line civilian drones complete with mounted cameras. We used those little suckers to float around unseen on the edges of the massacre and watch everything.

Those cameras were one fantastic find as we had a few carrying some homemade pipe bombs and others carrying legit C-4 prepared bombs. A pack of about five radioactive zombies leading the mob of zombies hanging back was a great target for the aerial assault. It’s been a long time since seen that many together at once, as they are more likely to kill each other for control of a zombie horde then work in a group. Guess we are that much of a threat to them.

It was ever so sweet flying the bomb drones sky high over top of them and dropping all the ordinance they carried right on their heads. You should have seen that explosion. We were able to see the boom from our vantage point and even lost a couple drones in the process. Well worth it though as the zombie horde stopped being organized and begin to bounce around in a way that got even worse once we set off even more secondary charges and traps we left.

It was an outright massacre after that. What zombies did remain by morning we used a couple of the drones to buzz them and began to lead them off in a completely different direction than us and the convoy. We got word the convoy was waiting for us at the halfway point and we better move fast to catch up. The carnage and revenge being complete, our team packed up all the gear stored and the drones to begin our drive back. Our plan is to stop a couple of times to throw up some drones in the air just to make sure we aren’t being followed.

Too much is at stake for that to happen. What am I sitting here prattling on about? We've got driving to do.