Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. This is my story of survival)

Year 6. Week 25.

Having the upper-hand once again is pretty fun. With the speed of our convoy and the new toys we're using, these zombies don’t know where we are. Good thing too, because there were a lot more zombies back there than we thought.

Those drones we found have become lifesavers and got us thinking about something else. What happened to all those fancy military drones from back before the world went to hell? If we can find some of those baddies, then we're going to be in business of causing mayhem and destruction on any zombies in our path. When we got back to Kansas City this morning we attempted an uplink with the government forces in Washington state to see what they know.

So far our outreach to them has been unsuccessful, which isn’t necessarily a bad or worrisome thing...just communications are still a bit spotty. Hopefully we can have it all up and running again by tomorrow so we can begin planning a mission to go find and retrieve the drones and necessary equipment to run them. That mission will require a lot of heavy lifting with the amount of gear needed.

While some of the supplies are unloaded here the rest are going to head to the Salt Lake City outpost. Resupplying them there and then the other portion is going to continue on to northern California. If a connection with Washington state cannot be made before the convoy leaves, the people involved in the drone mission will go with it hoping for a better connection in Salt Lake City. Plus, we can provide added protection for the convoy again just in case.

Checking in with the people running the show here in Kansas City, they tell us about the minimal zombie contacts they've had while we were away. It allowed them to refortify the walls, scavenge and lay traps around the surrounding area and make all-around improvements for the outpost. So far it’s looking damn good around here. Pretty soon this place will be about heavily defended and fortified as the outpost back west.

Strong outposts are what we need if we're going to continue our quest east to find more survivors and create more waypoints for weary travelers. Gotta say it feels great to be doing some good again. After so long of just fighting for my own survival now I can help others live that next day and see another tomorrow. A good feeling indeed in a world that doesn’t leave much to feel good about.