Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. This is my story of survival)

Year 6. Week 26.

Everything is loaded up and now it’s time to head out.

We got the trucks on the way toward Salt Lake City, heavily guarded and ready for anything that comes our way. The plan is to get these supplies to the Salt Lake City outpost and from there split into two groups, with one heading back to northern California to resupply the outpost there and eventually the rest of the gear ending up in Washington state government outpost. The other group is going on the hunt in Texas to all the military bases looking for the good stuff.

By good stuff, I'm referring to weapons, drones, armed drones, mobile command centers for them and enough ordinance to bomb a small country. With the amount of military bases that dot the Texas landscape, we should be able to find all manner of goodies. If any of those bases are in good enough shape, the plan is to setup a new outpost; hopefully, one on the gulf that will give us a new port to open up trade and shipping lanes with the Caribbean.

Most of those islands had to have survived some of this zombie outbreak, but decided to keep to themselves. Now, with the possible option of opening up trade and communication with those islands, we can begin to learn about what’s going on in the larger world. Maybe get a coordinated effort in winning this war or at least eradicating as much of the zombie scourge as possible so this never happens again. There will be no way for us to ever be sure we have wiped out every zombie. That’s just not possible.

With the world being the way it is for over six years now there are no more illusions about what we are all facing. There will be no compassion anymore for someone who is bitten and infected. You deal with them swiftly and effectively or face the consequences of having someone else having to kill them and you for not doing it in the first place. In this world there is no more chances for remorse or hope in curing someone infected and with an ever-dwindling number of survivors out there every person matters.

Got sidetracked there; focusing on the task ahead of us is the team heading to Texas. We're going to be a fast moving force, doing quick in and out sweeps. The reason for that is the number of nukes that got dropped on the cities of Texas. From Dallas to Houston to Arlington to Austin there were plenty of radioactive zombies running around in the initial months after the first outbreak. There's a good chance we're being overly cautious in how we're doing this, but with radioactive zombies you can never be too safe. They're smart, fast and able to control other zombies, providing them with the hive mind mentality to swarm and overrun you.

With momentum on our side the best course of action we can do is stay on the offensive. Keep moving, plotting and executing our plans to not let the zombies get an inkling of what we're doing. For the first number of years this hasn't been a war so much as a massacre of everything and everyone we hold dear. Now that we've caught our breath and got our feet under us it’s time to show them us hardened survivors aren’t a pushover meal anymore. This is going to become a war. A war we will win.