Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. This is my story of survival)

Year 6. Week 29.

It’s been a busy past two weeks, so busy in fact that I wasn’t able to check in last week with an update.

Our journey took us so long because of the route we had to take. The easy way would have been to cut across the state from the northwest and head southeast, but that path would have taken us through a few major cities and the likelihood of zombies, radioactive zombies and radiation zones. Especially San Antonio, as back when all this was going down they nuked the hell out of it because of the large zombie activity there.

With that said our route took us down through west Texas, toward the old Mexico/US Border. We drove along the border only popping into towns we came across after extensive observation. Those towns didn’t have much in the way of supplies in them, but some of the scout teams did find a few good items, most of which was flat beer; still beer though. Plan is to get it on ice when our group gets back to Kansas City.

Focusing on the task at hand right now we're situating ourselves on Mustang Island across from the naval base. Using our base of operations with a nice marina behind it, we sent teams out over the island to collect a number of boats that will be used to get over to the naval base. Figure hitting it from the sea would work to get us past any base walls still up and allow us a safer observation spot with the advantage of quick getaways.

As we're so close to the victory at hand, being careful is the name of the game. Our entire trip down there weren't too many zombie run-ins. That makes us wonder if with all the time going on and amount of zombies seen elsewhere; maybe, just maybe there are no longer large group of zombies here in Texas anymore, which would be great news. The plan is to continue taking stock of any supplies or useful gear around us while we have a team or two watch the base. We want to scout out what equipment is where on the base and if there are vehicles that we can use to transport whatever we do manage to find. When we hit the naval base a small team of ten will go in by water, with the rest mobilized in the vehicles.

Once on base, we're gonna gather up any weapons and ammo around first, as those are the most easily transportable. From there we'll first see if the drone control boxes still work and if they do, then we'll get them loaded up on the truck (the drones as well). Finally, we need to find any fuel trucks that were left behind and get them in the convoy. Always need more fuel. From the way things are going, we should be done and back in Kansas City in the next few weeks. I will say this: this island has a ton of good fruit growing and a few of the people have been going out in the Gulf fishing. I can’t remember eating so good. Always have to look at the silver lining in everything.