Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. This is my story of survival)

Year 6. Week 31.

Success is measured by the benefits of an outcome being greater than the worse parts of the mission. For us it was a successful mission and victory in what we can to accomplish, but it did come with some loss.

Once again with the planning of our mission and its execution, the past two weeks have been busy ones. Goes to show working so hard we lost track of the days and didn’t even realize it was past my usual report-in time. The resistance at this base was a lot stronger than we saw and the fighting was fierce. At the start of it all, the plan was going perfectly--our teams going in by boat sniped all the zombies in sight, clearing a path as one of the boats headed for shore. They made it to land and set up a perimeter for the next boat to follow. An added bonus was their noise on the shore pulled more zombies out into the open for the sniper teams to take out. With both teams on the shore they begin to fan out and secure the perimeter near the gate to let the rest of the convoy onto the base.

This is where the fierce fighting went down, as the convoy had to deal with a little crowd outside the gates and us on the inside had a higher number of zombies to deal with as well. Even with the ear plug in one ear and headset on the other, the noise was just incredible. This was one of the largest scale battles we've had in a long time with air support knocking back any big horde of zombies with the use of helicopters and gunships.

You ever try to load up trucks under gunfire and constant moans of the undead? Not the easiest experience I have to say and with time working against us it made it all the more important. During the loading process was when we suffered the losses as there were some zombies that weren’t quite dead and crawled under the trucks. They grabbed some of the team from the ground and dragged them down, biting through their pants before we were able to even register they were there. With the only cure for a zombie bite a bullet to the head, we dispatched the ones that got our team members and took care of our team members as well. No sense waiting for them to turn at an inopportune moment and get more of us. We did load their bodies up to take back to their loved ones in Salt Lake City after we got all the necessary supplies and gear we came for.

The hardest thing to load up were the trailers needed to control the bigger drones. That required forklifts and the time to manipulate them around and get them on the flatbed trucks. All in all, we came away with three trailers and six drones with the armament for them in addition to a good bit of extra missiles and a few fuel trucks too. These drones are going to come in real handy in the future and marking this mission as successful. The teams that came in by boat loaded up with the convoys to help protect our new haul and we linked up with the boat crews further down the road. They had already left the area to get a jump start on heading to the rendezvous spot, allowing us to slow down long enough to scoop them and their gear up and keep it moving. Now on our way back to Salt Lake City to get this gear set up and begin our recon and strike missions around the county.

In one fell swoop we're going to turn the tide against the zombies, take them out in whole areas and clear even more land for us to live and survive. There's going to be no way we can kill every zombie in the country--let alone the planet. Best we can hope for is to carve out enough of a spot for survivors to live out their lives, striving to make it better for the next crop of survivors. Zombies will forever be on this planet, but we don’t have to live in fear of them. Not any more.