Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. This is my story of survival)

Year 6. Week 33.

Toys that can cause some massive destruction are always a good thing. For us having drones and plenty of big bombs attached to them makes a hell of a difference.

Let me go over the last 18 hours around here. It starts off with us pulling our convoy in to the Salt Lake City outpost. As we were unloading everything and getting a convoy ready to head out and back to Kansas City, word came down that there was a large horde of zombies heading our way from the direction we just came from. And this outpost is not as sufficiently manned as it should be after a convoy left a few days ago to head towards northern California outpost. So now we're under-supported with a horde of zombies ready to make us their next meal.

We managed to get one of the trailers hooked up to power and got a drone in the air, loaded down with all the missiles it could carry. Seeing that drone taking off felt good, but couldn’t just stand around gawking had other work to do. There were the smaller drones that could be controlled by handhelds loaded up with a few bombs and set them off in the air as well.
Those drones begun to drop their ordinances and we could see the explosions in the distance while the troops here got ready on the walls and got the portable 50 cal guns set-up, ready to unload lead on those undead bastards. All this running around, bombing runs and preparation maybe took up about four to five hours of the past 48. It was the next hour when things got interesting and the zombies were close enough for us on the wall to begin seeing them and hear their moans.

This is when it all got real, as bullets started flying and our traps out in the field started going off as the undead horde came our way. It still amazes me that no matter how many of these zombie hordes we come across and kill there are more out there. The one at our door now was no exception, with wave after wave of zombies we had to mow down. When all you have is the people standing next to you going toe-to-toe with these zombies--firing bullet after bullet--you lose track of the time and even yourself.

Just keep doing your job and keep everyone alive. The next thing we know the sun is coming up and we can see the carnage of the previous night and half the fighting has left out there. Bodies as far as the eye can see and just huge craters throughout as well. All of us barely functioning and standing on that wall could not believe our eyes. The amazing thing about this whole battle is our wall never was breached, let alone reached by any zombies and we didn't lose anyone. With the vast number of undead bodies out there, all of us are at a loss as to how clean-up is going to be handled. Figure using the bulldozers on site, as they can shove the bodies and pile them all up so they can be burned. With a pile of dead bodies this large, we have to take care of the fumes and move it far enough away from the outpost.

I swear these undead bastards are a pain even after they're dead a second time. With no sleep there's always more work to do.