Preview - Betty vs. Veronica: Sabotage

Ali vs. Frazier. Superman vs. Lex Luthor. Betty vs. Veronica. All three of those pairings have something in common: a fierce rivalry. The sides in each will go to great lengths to emerge triumphant, but it's the last pairing that could be the most fun. And both Betty and Veronica square off yet again in Betty vs. Veronica Sabotage.

Oh my gosh, it’s a barrage of the best battles of the BFFs! Betty and Veronica are squaring off once again in a mêlée for Archie’s heart! This time, though, the gloves are off and they’re doing anything it takes to win! Get a front row seat as we look at some of the girls’ finest attempts at sabotaging each other. Who will win the war and get the boy? Find out in this mega-sized digital exclusive!

Betty vs. Veronica Sabotage is available digitally now with interiors below.