Defense With The BoomStick

Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. This is my story of survival.

Year 6. Week 37.

East coast here we come.

I know saying that statement would make us seem crazy. With New England written off as a radioactive zone and Florida bombed all to hell (and too many swamps for zombies to hide in), sticking to the middle part of the east coast is the goal.vWe need to find a spot far enough away from the active radioactive zones that gives us a good location which can provide some pretty important things. One of those things is having a working port or at least a harbor so we can get boats in and out. The whole point of getting an east coast outpost is so we can connect with the rest of the world at some point, with the Caribbean being the first step into the larger world.

We also need an outpost to be pretty self-sustainable in that if they don't get supplies they're able to survive for a good long while. That's the biggest issue--if they can't survive without being resupplied then it puts a lot of things at risk and raises the chance of the survivors manning that outpost having to cut and run. The outpost is going to need plenty of space for growing crops and have spots nearby they can raid for supplies as well.

On top of that, it needs to be located in a spot that gives it a good view of the surrounding area. You don’t want an outpost in the forest that will allow zombies to come right up at you and bang on your front door undetected. Need to be able to have a large field around the base for traps and other defenses. It’s basically going back to medieval times with castles in a sense and a large moat around.

To start in this endeavor we're sending out scouting teams to a few spots on the east coast to find the best place to start an outpost. Optimistically, we hope to find survivors already out there and help grow what they’ve already started. Doing it that way will make it a lot easier to get a footing out there. The teams are comprised of five members each and will travel together up until Tennessee; from there they'll split up and take different routes to the coast.

The team I'm leading has the joy of heading to South Carolina. The thinking is if we can make it to Charleston that Fort Sumter will be an ideal place to set up shop. It has a dock, plenty of land for growing crops and an island on top of that. Hitting that spot is gonna be our goal, but if we see anything along the way we'll definitely mark it on the map. Be nice to have an outpost or two on the road from Kansas City to the coast.

Time to get geared up and on the road.