Defense With The BoomStick

(disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. This is my story of survival.)

Year 6. Week 39.

On our way through Arkansas. Man is it boring.

I mean the number of zombies we've had to stop and kill from following our scout team has kept it interesting, but the landscape is boring. All we keep on finding is burnt shells of small towns and just empty land. This view was something you would see back at the beginning of zombie takeover. Kinda surprised there are this many zombies still wandering around the fields though. Makes me think of those old zombie movies where they stagger around, moaning out "brainsssss." It's nice to laugh again and be in a place where laughter doesn’t get you killed.

Pretty soon we're going to leave Arkansas and I believe will be entering Mississippi. We don’t plan on going down too close to the coast, but skirt along the northern part of Mississippi. Our goal is to track along the northern parts of these states on our way to South Carolina. We've heard from the other three scouting teams and they are progressing well too.
One of them had to call in air strikes due to the sheer number of zombies they ran into. Apparently they were driving over a hill and all of a sudden a zombie mosh pit appeared. They high-tailed it backwards and while fleeing they saw the zombie horde was following them in their rearview. This is when they called in a rain of fire down upon them with the drones and even a few pilot flown planes from Washington state; they just scorched the earth below them. The scout team stopped a little ways away to watch the destruction and after it was done they decided to go in a different direction.

For us though it’s been rolling fields and random zombies in those fields. Our plan is going pretty well. We should be rolling through a place called Tupelo in Mississippi and then skirt past Birmingham and Atlanta. None of us want to go anywhere near those big cities. With the rate we are going should get to the coast inside the week. At least that’s the hope. From there it’s back to business as usual. On top of all that though we have to find a secure spot to get an outpost going. So far we haven’t heard or seen any other survivors beyond the other scout teams out this far east. I'm sure there has to be people still here somewhere and not all of it left to the zombies.

All we have to do is find them.