Defense With the BoomStick

Year 6. Week 42.

Sorry for the delay in this report. On our trip to the South Carolina coast we decided to take a detour into North Carolina. The plan was to swing by Fort Bragg and see what we could scavenge. We found some good and a lot of bad.

We made it to Charleston and are setting ourselves up at Fort Sumter. The location is convenient and the infrastructure left behind when this was a museum is making it a lot easier to get up and running. This has all been the easy part since we got here; getting here was the hard part, what with the zombies and all.

First off, let’s talk about Fort Bragg. Getting there wasn’t too bad when we swung up through northern Georgia and southwest North Carolina. Being up in the mountains helped us out, with all the hills and winding roads zombies had a hard time keeping up and following us. On top of that we came across survivors living up in the mountains too. They've been doing a good job of surviving up there and gave us some pointers as well.

Just like everywhere else, Fort Bragg was pretty well destroyed and burnt. On the surface, there wasn’t much there we could see to be salvageable or useful. The funny thing is we didn’t find the useful stuf--it found us in the form of a small military unit that has called Fort Bragg home the entire zombie apocalypse. They were about sixty strong of mixed military members who have managed to survive and keep the fight alive. That certainly explained why we encountered no zombies in the immediate area of the fort.

The reason nobody ever knew this group was here was because of the lack of communication gear and electricity. Since a nuclear bomb went off in Charlotte the EMP blast knocked out all the power and they didn't have the tools necessary to get it back on. We have set them up with the gear to get electricity back on with solar panels and other renewable power sources as well as new communication equipment. Now they're back in contact with the government forces in Washington state and are going to be our new survivor outpost here in North Carolina.

We stayed at Fort Bragg for a few days to get them up and running before continuing our journey down the coast to Charleston. A few of the survivors from Fort Bragg came with us to see how we get things done. Although there were a few times we had to help those survivors out as they haven’t been outside their walls this far in the open in a long time and seeing so many zombies at once can cause panic.

It was here in Charleston that we had the zombie problem. There was no real good way around the city to the fort so had to go through it. If you ever fight zombies in an urban setting you know how much of a nightmare it is. Zombies can come from anywhere--especially off roofs; they love to fall off a roof toward you. Most of the time when they do this they die on impact, but it can still be scary to see this shadow fall and hear the splat.

We hurried as fast as we could to get through the city part and once we made it to the fort there were joyous times for all. Now we just have to get this place up and running. For the next month or two this is going to be our new base on the east coast. Two of the other teams that went out looking for a spot for an outpost are going to come here, because they were not able to find a suitable place. When that happens we are going to be quite well-stocked with folks to defend and improve the outpost.

Things are looking up.