Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. This is my story of survival.)

Year 6. Week 43.

We are strong and only getting stronger. Taking a recap of the number of survivors we know of among all of our outposts is getting us up there in numbers.

Among Washington state, the northern California stronghold, the Salt Lake City outpost, the southern Colorado outpost, the Kansas City outpost, Fort Bragg and Fort Sumter outposts, there are about 15,000 of us with most of those being in Washington state. While it’s not as large a number as the population once was, we've got a really good start for rebuilding.

Right here in Fort Sumter there are about seventy of us, with more on the way to help build up the infrastructure and get some of the larger docks and communication gear going so we can have an operational port on the east coast. The plan is that once we're able to keep this place secure, well feed and operational, we'll find boats that can take us down the coast to the Caribbean and hit the islands down there. If anyone was to survive these past seven years it will be folks on islands.

The first stop will be the Florida Keys, as they would be the first logical place to check. All they had to do was blow the bridges connecting them to the mainland and they survive pretty strongly down there. About twenty of us are going to load up on two or three boats for the trip. This way it gives us options on what we can pick up and just in case one breaks down we're not stuck anywhere.

After almost seven years I sometimes feel like zombies aren’t even an issue anymore. Most of them are too slow and decomposed to not even be a threat. The faster, smarter and more terrible radioactive zombies we haven’t seen too many of recently. We’ve killed a number of them since we started doing all these outpost startups, but I'm sure there are plenty more out there. Those are the real threats in this zombie world. If there's one thing we can do to make sure that more chaos doesn't happen it's to find and destroy every single radioactive zombie.

Getting sidetracked after hitting the Keys, next up is Cuba. Due to its close proximity Cuba is reachable and hopefully we can find better boats there that can handle the seas of the Caribbean. Any places we do find survivors who already have infrastructure set up, all we'll do is help in improving it in anyway we can, leaving communication gear behind to stay in contact. The overarching goal of it all is to find as many survivors as we can and get a line of communication across them all.

There will be no way to take our world back completely from the zombies as we just can't be sure we killed them all. All we can do is find as many survivors as we can, get them the help they need to rebuild and start getting civilization back on track again. I feel like this is something we can accomplish in my lifetime and we have to keep at it.