Defense With The BoomStick

(disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. This is my story of survival.)

Year 6. Week 47.

No matter how long you've been out in the wilds of this zombie world, it never changes the fact that when you see something new and equally horrible as everything before it still just hurts your soul.

A day ago our three-boat team was floating offshore in this little inlet; the ones that allows rich people of old and their personal docks access to the ocean. Basically, we were sitting afloat to take a breather and check out all of the gear for any issues when this noise starts coming out of nowhere. All of us start looking around for where the noise was coming from thinking it was a zombie horde or something worse coming.

What it was though was a group of survivors running for their lives from zombies. Scanning the shoreline on both sides of the inlet, we couldn’t find where they were exactly. Our three boats spread out and started puttering slowly toward the shores to find them and hopefully rescue them if we could. After a few minutes is when the group was spotted tearing through one of the large backyards towards a dock and all three of our boats where about four minutes away from that spot.

All three turned boats were turned around and we gunned it that way as the group of survivors were pounding down the dock with a horde of zombies hot on their heels. As we made our way closer, some of the better shots in our group were taking down what zombies they could, but it was tough shooting how fast our boats were going. Being about a minute away is when we realized we would be too late. Some of the survivors managed to jump into the water to get away, but those at the back of the pack were pounced upon by the faster zombies.

It was a free for all buffet for those zombies; they tore the survivors apart limb from limb. All we saw was body parts, organs, blood and bones just sprouting into the air as the zombies tore into them. I thought I’ve seen enough horrible things in this world, but I was wrong as that was horrible to witness and the worse part was not being able to save them all. While the remaining survivors swam towards our already slowing boats we began a systematic sweep of that dock, killing everything on it. The noise was deafening as all of our guns fired on the zombie horde and we didn’t stop firing until nothing moved on that dock. After that we grabbed the survivors up out of the water and headed back out of the inlet to a little safe base we had setup down here in Florida. With what just happened none of us had much heart to stay out there.

It’s safe to say our expansion down south is on hold for right now. The new plan is to collect what we can grab in another boat or two and get these survivors and everything else back up to South Carolina. From there we can grab a new team and head back down here. These days just don’t get any easier.