Defense With The BoomStick

(disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. This is my story of survival.)

Year 6. Week 50.

In three weeks you can get a lot accomplished.

What we were able to do is get theses survivors back to South Carolina and are now back down south. Instead of running along the Florida coast, we dipped out further into the Atlantic and were able to explore the islands of the Bahamas. Currently at a survivor outpost on their main island.

Starting with the port first gives us a chance to see what supplies there are in the cargo containers. When the world fell apart, not too many people were worried about securing the ports or organizing any of them. So far it’s been quiet; not even seen a zombie anywhere around here. Man, have we found tons of good stuff through all of this place.

The most useful supplies we found were about three containers filled with canned goods of all different types that are still mostly good. We have to figure out how to get them loaded up on a ship and sent back to the mainland so they can be distributed to all the outposts. On top of that we found some electronic and fishing equipment and an odd assortment of other items that will come in handy. Logistics is our issue now to get it all back.

We were able to get a good chunk of the islands checked out over the past three weeks; you have no idea how great it felt to find a survivor camp located in Nassau. They told their tale of how they have survived for the past seven years, from when the initial outbreak happened on all the continents to where the first cases started showing up on the islands. They acted fast and got it under control, but more boats started showing up on the other islands and they became overrun with zombies. The officials in Nassau got defensive and people organized efficiently and effectively to keep zombie outbreaks to a minimum. For the first few years they were able to keep the whole island safe and secure from zombies, but towards year five an outbreak hit them that wiped out a lot of the survivors on the island. They were forced to fall back to the airport outpost that was the most defensible as a means of slowly taking back their island.

As of today they have secured almost 85% of the island again and are building fortifications and walls, as they went to create sections on the island. This way if there is an outbreak again the whole island will not be in danger, but only a section at a time if it comes to that. That sort of ingenuity definitely has merit and when we get back to the mainland will spread the idea for when we start building out and taking over more land. The zombie war is far from over and we'll win this fight. We are going to continue to stay here for a while longer to see what we can help them with and what we can find. Eventually, we have to get back to South Carolina and then on to Salt Lake City. Been too long away from the people we're fighting for.