Preview - Clean Room #1

Gail Simone knows her way around the comic book industry, writing books for all sorts of top publishers. She's yet to make her way to Vertigo, which is about to change in Clean Room #1. Written by Simone and illustrated by Jon Davis-Hunt, Clean Room #1 features Astrid Mueller as the enigmatic and compelling guru of a giant self-help organization—a devastatingly powerful figure in the industry between psychology and religion. Journalist Chloe Pierce’s fiancĂ© decided to pick up Astrid’s book, and within three months he was dead. Something in Astrid Mueller’s book made Philip blow his brains out all over Chloe’s new kitchen. Now Chloe is on a mission to find out who Astrid Mueller really is. What is this Clean Room she’s been hearing about where your deepest fear and worst moments are revealed? Chloe intends to immerse herself in the Clean Room and wreak havoc on Astrid’s empire.

Clean Room #1 is in stores now.