Review - My Favorite Toy

"Mom, have you seen my favorite toy?"

The quest for a child's favorite toy can be harrowing at times. Those times when a child is without it are some of the more trying times, reinforcing the notion in parents that they should always keep tabs on the toys when possible. My Favorite Toy takes a look at that concept in a slightly different lens. The issue is written by Jesse Young and illustrated by Krishna M. Sadasivam.

After a run in with local bullies a young girl goes looking for her favorite doll, the only one who can make "everything" better.

The subject of bullying is a very sensitive one and Young tackles it pretty cleverly. The main character is a little girl who's subject to bullying and is desperate to find her favorite toy to comfort her. The crux of the issue tackles the bullying concept in an inventive way that's a little devilish in some regards. Young ties the story up with a pretty nice bow by the end, suggesting to the reader that sometimes it takes a bully to beat a bully.

The illustrations in My Favorite Toy are a little childish, but they work. Sadasivam draws the characters with bold, black outlines and body forms that are reminiscent of those in Powerpuff Girls. There's an abundance of colors throughout the entire webcomic that pop off the pages, emphasizing different scenes of action. Each color also designates a different color room that's searched for the favorite toy, helping to keep the action focused and the reader following along.

My Favorite Toy captures all the emotion and loving that goes into a child's favorite toy. Any parent will tell you that a night isn't complete without blankie, a stuffed animal or a favorite toy, any of which do wonders for soothing a discouraged child. Young taps into this notion perfectly and spins it on its head slightly by the end. Sadasivam's illustrations are appropriately cartoonish and effectively capture the spirit of a child in need of their toy. My Favorite Toy is a story that's pretty harmless on its surface, but doesn't pull any punches when it comes to lobbying against bullying.

My Favorite Toy is available online now.