The Sweetness Gets Sweet Trailer

The Sweetness (APR162173) is a new science-fiction adventure comic about intergalactic smugglers due out in June. It's going to feature the talents of Miss Lasko-Gross and Kevin Colden and now it's got a trailer. Set in the future, the first collaboration from the married creative team of Lasko-Gross and Colden follows two badass female intergalactic smugglers catering to the unique tastes of Alien drug addicts with a mysterious controlled substance. In The Sweetness, Miss and Kevin have crafted characters and storylines that are effortlessly feminist in ways other popular comics play lip service to but don’t quite land.

“I want people to be excited about a badass space smuggler story and fall in love with the characters,” says Miss Lasko-Gross. “I hope readers are sucked into the story by the surreal moments of twisted humor and surprise."

“THE SWEETNESS is smart, fun, and Star-Warsy, but with more women, people of color -- and it’s more raunchy,” says Kevin Colden. “"This series marks my return to drawing long form comics (after taking time off to focus on family and other creative work), and while I’m usually very critical of my own work, this is the best work I’ve done.””