Review - The Art of Rahsan Ekedal HC (@ImageComics)

When you've been around the industry for long enough, you start to accumulate a portfolio. The portfolio offers fans a look at all your work--from your humble, early beginnings to your superstar comic book artist days. Rahsan Ekedal has been around the block long enough to have such a portfolio and Image Comics is collecting it in The Art of Rahsan Ekedal HC. The hardcover features art and commentary by Rahsan Ekedal.

This deluxe oversized hardcover celebrates Rahsan Ekedal's work over the past decade for Image Comics and Top Cow Productions. Focusing on the many Image titles he’s worked on, including Think Tank, The Tithe and Echoes, this limited edition is a must have for any fan of those series or Rahsan's work!

Artwork collections are always pretty solid books for fans of a particular artist or genre, but there's a lot more to them than just paying homage. Books like The Art of Rahsan Ekedal HC actually give readers plenty of insights into some of the work that goes into putting together the layouts and illustrations for a book. Ekedal's style is very clean and refined, something that shows through very well in a collection of his works without lettering. His approach affords him the opportunity to tell a story without the aforementioned dialogue which is a testament to his ability.

Ekedal is a pretty prolific artist and The Art of Rahsan Ekedal HC is a great representation of his career with Image and Top Cow. There's plenty in here that fans of comics in general will appreciate, it pulls back the curtain somewhat on the artistic process. Many of the pages boast panel layouts filled with art that one would find in the comics themselves, but there's also plenty of work in progress illustrations as well. These pages jump between black and white and color in a way that reminds the reader that not all artwork demands the full treatment in order to be appreciated. The Art of Rahsan Ekedal HC is a solid book that fans of Ekedal's work will definitely want to add to their bookshelves.

The Art of Rahsan Ekedal HC is in stores now.