Review - The Fist #1

"Enjoy the show."

Being an intergalactic wayfarer comes with its own set of risks. Doing that and being a top-notch fighter makes things even more interesting. The Fist #1 recounts the tale of one such fighter. The issue is written and illustrated by Jordan Kroeger.

The FIST battles a berserker killer and a galactic bounty hunter as the Fighting Tournament of Fighters begins.

The Fist is a very capable and brutal fighter--both characteristics Kroeger relies on to propel the narrative in the first issue. Most (if not all) of the first issue follows The Fist as he fights his way up the ladder and Kroeger makes it seem relatively effortless for a fighter such as the Fist. In fact, Kroeger probably spends the most amount of time characterizing the Fist as a fighter with a soft spot for his ship. From the broader, plot perspective though, The Fist is pretty simplistic, in that the issue reads like a familiar, round robin-style tournament. Kroeger adds some unique flair to it by making opponents of the Fist homages to characters in the 80s, including wrestlers and video game leads.

The gruff, scratchy art style infuses The Fist #1 with a sense of raw energy. The Fist as a character is a no-frills fighter and Kroeger's art style feels sufficiently simple enough that it doesn't get bogged down in detail. Instead, Kroeger chose to illustrate things in a coarse way that underscores the seemingly brutal nature of the tournament. Little attention is paid to keeping things clean; instead, Kroeger's approach keeps things frenetic. The same goes for colors as well, with Kroeger emphasizing base colors that are more dark than anything else.

At its heart, The Fist #1 is a galactic take on Street Fighter with plenty of nods to being a nerd thrown in for good measure. The Fist knows fighting--both literally and figuratively as he fights against stereotypical opponents signifying various attitudes. Kroeger's script is pretty straightforward and gets right to the point, but the Fist's story is made slightly more complicated by the love of his ship and a mysterious individual tracking him down. The artwork by Kroeger is pretty minimal, but effective for the content of the tale. The Fist #1 is a very brash and grimy take on space fighting tournaments with the main character relying on his namesake to get the job done.

The Fist #1 is available now.