Review - The Sweetness #1 (@z2comics)

"You hang on Earth or die in space. Not our problem."

Bounty hunters make their living by hunting, well, bounties. Tracking down a target and bringing them in is their livelihood and many will go to great lengths to ensure they complete the job as intended. Sometimes--as in The Sweetness #1--that means taking a few more risks than expected. The issue is written by Miss Lasko-Gross, illustrated by Kevin Colden and colored by Frank Reynoso.

The Sweetness by wife and husband duo Miss Lasko Gross and Kevin Golden follows two badass female intergalactic smugglers of a mysterious controlled substance who cater to the unique tastes of alien drug addicts.

Character drives The Sweetness #1 and each of the main characters in the issue are very unique. Danielle is a reformed criminal accompanying Bachman and Scout, the former of which is something of a nervous wreck while the latter is keen on having a good time. Each character's dialogue is appropriate for who they are as Lasko-Gross doesn't rely on keeping exchanges formulaic. Lasko-Gross allows an interplay among the three is thoroughly entertaining and provides a pretty compelling reason for the plot to move forward. That plot is somewhat conventional, but Lasko-Gross is presenting it in a way that's unconventional in many regards and doesn't give everything away in the first issue.

It's clear the characters aren't the best people in the world and Colden illustrates them as such. Danielle is probably the most "honest" of the three and demonstrates that approach through very telling facial expressions. Bachman and Scout are illustrated with more grit to them that reinforces the notion that they have their vices as well. The backgrounds are effectively illustrated by Colden to accentuate the space setting the book is going for. The empty gutters accent the panels and work well to show the chronology of certain events as they proceed (for instance, launching the rocket to enter space). Reynoso's colors are also very muted throughout the book, reinforcing the notion of a somewhat grimy group of individuals.

The Sweetness #1 is a pretty fun book that thrives based on its unique characters. The trio leading the charge all have their different motivations and it's those motivations that give the story a solid foundation. Lasko-Gross seems to have enjoyed writing them and it's going to pay off down the line for the story as a whole. Colden's illustrations are somewhat dirty, but it's a style that fits the narrative. The Sweetness #1 is a great first issue that sets things up well for an entertaining series.

The Sweetness #1 is in stores now.


  1. Excellent review. Just want to point out that its the colors of Frank Reynoso.


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