Review - The October Faction: Deadly Season #1 (@IDWPublishing)

Family is family. Sticking together is immensely important and requires members of a family to protect and support one another. That's especially true when faced with the undead in The October Faction: Deadly Season #1 from IDW Publishing. The issue is written by Steve Niles, illustrated by Damien Worm, color assists by Alyzia Zherno and lettered by Shawn Lee.

Ghouls in the graveyard! Giant Monsters downtown! The Allan family comes face to face with a whole new threat. This one comes from the past and it won’t stop until the Allan’s are dead.

Niles is no stranger to horror and that tone is pervasive throughout The October Faction: Deadly Season #1. Even though horror is Niles' forte, there's a remarkable sense of family in The October Faction: Deadly Season #1 that makes it more than just another horror story. Each of the characters are very fond of one another and demonstrate bonds indicative of a strong family which makes the book even more of an interesting read. Niles offers very deft dialogue that gets this point across while also moving the story forward at a relatively brisk pace. There's also a sense of dread hanging over the issue, both because of the atmosphere and the impending conflict on the horizon.

The moody representation of the characters by Worm really adds to the overall atmosphere of the issue. The style is somewhat vague and detached in a way that bears a resemblance to work by Edward Gorey and it really works. The members of the family each have their own distinct look to them, but Worm still infuses them with little features that make their personalities stand out from one another. The gutters are all black and add to the moodiness of the book. Worm's colors (with assists from Zherno) are equally as dark and ominous--the book is littered with blacks and grays that make the reader feel as if they're reading a haunted ghost story.

The October Faction: Deadly Season #1 is a very solid first issue that blends together elements of terror and family. The Allan family are a united front and all trust one another, making the impending events even more worrisome. Niles is a master of his craft and his approach in the issue is very subtle yet extremely effective. Worm's illustrations are sufficiently gloomy in a way that imbues the book with an abundance of murkiness. The October Faction: Deadly Season #1 taps into the spirit of October by evoking the eeriness that accompanies the end of the month.

The October Faction: Deadly Season #1 is in stores now.