Review - Armored Science Kung-Fu Cats #1

"We can't use the know what will happen."

Cats are one of the two more predominant pets in the homes of many. There's an almost endless debate as to which pet is preferred, but you'd be hard-pressed to argue that cats with armor and martial arts talents wouldn't be better in many situations. Armored Science Kung-Fu Cats #1 is one of those situations. The issue is written and illustrated by Tom Caffrey.

Five cats witness and investigate a strange event whereupon they are abducted and transformed against their will and entrusted with super hi tech power suits that they are told are the universes greatest weapon against the evil alien invaders.

Caffrey isn't shy about Armored Science Kung-Fu Cats #1 wearing its influences on its sleeve. In fact, Caffrey writes the issue in a way that's very light and is a clear homage to properties such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The issue plays out as an origin story for the characters through a flashback to their encounter. Caffrey keeps things extremely light in Armored Science Kung-Fu Cats #1, relying on very basic dialogue to move the narrative forward.

The black and white pencil drawings are also very simple. Caffrey illustrates the cats in a way that's pretty harmless and gets the look of cats down pretty well. When the cats transform they have a more human-like appearance and the new armor gives them a formidable look. The panels are pretty sparse and are really only filled with the cats as they interact with one another.

The premise of Armored Science Kung-Fu Cats #1 is alarmingly simple--a group of animals are anthropomorphized by some event and then grapple with the moral consequences of their newfound powers. Those cats are tasked with defending the Earth against an alien threat and will do their best to fight it off. Caffrey's script is airy and harmless. The artwork is very basic and could probably do to have it finished with colors to differentiate each cat a bit more. Armored Science Kung-Fu Cats #1 is a pretty straightforward book that looks at cats as kung-fu heroes.

Armored Science Kung-Fu Cats #1 is available now.