Review - Exodus #1 (@Tres_C_Studios)

Space may be the final frontier, but when humans visit there are vestiges of past frontiers. Exodus #1 from Tres Calaveras Studios blends together some concepts from the past with the futuristic trends of space. The issue is written and lettered by Emilio Rodriguez, illustrated by Unai Ortiz de Zarate, colored by David de Alonso.

A story about a people's fight to survive and their leader’s struggle to protect who they are.

Rodriguez does a lot of world-building in Exodus #1. The civilization in the issue is largely based on something of a patriarchy and there's a sense of nostalgia that Rodriguez mixes in with the futuristic space setting. His characters are well-established and each play a very important part in the issue and series. Rodriguez does offer some pretty larger expository knowledge dumps in an effort to establish said characters. There's a good amount of dialogue throughout the issue, but there's also a ton of stream of thought in the book as well that's a little overwhelming at times.

The artwork by de Zarate in Exodus #1 starts off pretty simply enough. The characters are rendered in very masculine ways that reinforce the aforementioned patriarchy. de Zarate uses very powerful poses and establishing shots to build up the characters before going pretty nuts with a slew of two-page spreads towards the end focused on the space combat. The two-page spreads are pretty fantastic and really do a great job of getting the reader into the throes of the action. The colors are pretty muted throughout, but de Alonso does add some pop with some of the explosions as a result of the battle.

Exodus #1 is a solid first issue that has some pretty ambitious goals. The characters are thrust into a major war while also dealing with the possibility of succession, making things even more complicated. Rodriguez offers a very dense narrative that's chock full of information and character-building. The artwork by de Zarate is pretty strong throughout--especially when he starts working in the numerous double-page spreads. Exodus #1 is the start of what could be a pretty interesting, space opera type work that lays the groundwork with characters rife with backstory.

Exodus #1 is in stores now.