Review - Quantum Teens Are Go #1 (@blackmaskstudio)

"I can't get a lock! The damn thing is dampening the shot-tracker!"

There's been a big push recently to get kids more involved in STEM-related topics and activities. There's something to that for sure; the more creative thinking that's encouraged in kids will lead to more creative adults. Sometimes that devotion to a science is more than just passing as it is in Quantum Teens Are Go #1 from Black Mask Studios. The issue is written by Magdalene Visaggio, illustrated by Eryk Donovan, colored by Claudia Aguirre and lettered by Zaak Saam.

Mad science is the punkest s*** there is. Teenage sweethearts Nat & Sumesh spend their nights breaking into abandoned superlabs to steal the parts they need to build a time machine - and they've just found the most important part. But mysterious entities keep trying to stop them turning it on. Now all they've gotta do is hang on long enough to figure out why.

Visaggio is mixing a lot of different ideas into Quantum Teens Are Go #1, but she does so quite effortlessly. The core ideas are those of high-tech youths and being in high school--both of which make the story feel fresh. Visaggio's moves all the characters through and around Nat and Sumesh, relying on different aspects of their relationship to carry the fast-paced narrative. Where things get a little off-kilter though is the emphasis Visaggio places on the lead characters' obsession with technology, prompting them to carry out raids on abandoned scientific facilities for advanced tech loot. The dialogue is pretty snappy throughout and Visaggio gives each character a very unique voice with which to move the story along.

A kinetic art style by Donovan infuses the issue with the right amount of energy. Nat and Sumesh always seem to be go go go and Donovan's artwork style emphasizes that activity by relying on sharp lines and angles throughout. The characters have a punk rock sensibility to them that fits the atmosphere and mood very well, reinforcing the notion that they really are two rebels of sorts that are really into science. Aguirre's colors are bright and vivid in a way that further bolsters the book's goal to be about youths and science.

Quantum Teens Are Go #1 is a pretty fun and rip-roaring first issue that blends together a lot of varying themes. Nat and Sumesh are two kids in love--both with each other and a quest for scientific knowledge. Visaggio's script is entertaining and well-thought out, providing a fast-paced narrative. Donovan's illustrations are a great fit and capture that frenetic energy exceptionally well. Quantum Teens Are Go #1 is a great first issue that sets the groundwork for what could be a fantastic series.

Quantum Teens Are Go #1 is available February 22.