Review - Sun Bakery #1 (@imagecomics)

"A freaking grumpy-troid."

Shonen Jump has a reputation as cutting-edge volume of works that blends eastern and western artistic stylings in a great combination. The work's influence perseveres and has offered up some great works for readers to check out. Another entry in that style is Sun Bakery #1 from Image Comics. The issue is written and illustrated by Corey Lewis.

Introducing Sun Bakery: a one-man Shonen Jump-esque comics anthology from Sharknife creator, Corey Lewis. Each 48 page issue is jam packed with robo space adventure, paranormal skateboarding, breakdancing, and social swordplay. This landmark first issue debuts four new stories: "Dream Skills," "Arem," "Bat Rider" and "Freeze."

Each of the stories included in Sun Bakery #1 offer a Japanese flair to western comics. "Arem" for instance is an homage to Samus Aran and the Metroid franchise, offering a social media take on a bounty hunter's surveillance gear as she evaluates the universe. The other stories offer similar takes on society in that they infuse reality with daydreams. Lewis' approach is very creative and really gets straight to the point in that sense, relying on blunt dialogue to parlay societal issues. And while each story is a standalone story, Lewis still keeps that aforementioned thread of interesting daydreams running throughout all the stories.

While the stories are fun takes, it's Lewis' art that will likely be the focal point of the comic. The stories all wear the Shonen Jump influence on its sleeve, emphasizing very strong lines and sharp edges. Lewis uses a very stylized approach that gives the stories an edginess and anime-like flair. There's a great mix of vibrant colors throughout as well, all of which helps Lewis' art pop off the page even more. The black and white approach in "Bat Rider" however is especially impactful because Lewis relies on the black coloring and shadows in a forceful way.

Sun Bakery #1 is a lot of fun. The stories all offer differing takes on different societal woes with a flair and powerfully commanding characters. Lewis' scripts are simple yet effective at conveying to the reader the message he's putting out there. His artwork is very emphatic in a way that cuts the pages. Sun Bakery #1 is a pretty lighthearted book on its surface that really offers some deeper insights into life and civilization.

Sun Bakery #1 is available now.