Review - Real Science Adventures #1 (@IDWPublishing)

War breeds fascinating relationships and dynamics. The bonds forged during battle are often everlasting and lead to groups of individuals who essentially form running crews. The Flying She-Devils are a running crew forged from war and they're into something a little different in Real Science Adventures #1 from IDW Publishing. The issue is written by Brian Clevinger, illustrated by Lo Baker and Wook Jin Clark, colored by Anthony Clark and lettered by Jeff Powell.

A group of Women Airforce Service Pilots banded together after World War II and became the daring “Flying She-Devils.” Food and fuel are in short supply, but the She-Devils have a plan: take it from Mad Jack, the pirate king of the Pacific. What could go wrong?

Clevinger knows how to write stories that blend together science and humor with Real Science Adventures #1 being no exception to that MO. Despite the characters involved being part of the Atomic Robo universe, Clevinger doesn't require that the reader have that backstory to enjoy Real Science Adventures #1. In fact, the characters themselves are each unique and charming in their own ways that the story maintains a sense of fun regardless. Clevinger's script is very straightforward in its approach, introducing the reader to the characters and their plight. The dialogue exchanges are amusing and emphasize a somewhat carefree nature on the part of the main characters even in the face of what is a somewhat dire situation for them.

The artwork by Baker and Clark is pretty cartoony in its approach. The characters are drawn in a way that doesn't seek to be realistic and is evocative of the Atomic Robo look and feel. This is a great way for making the book feel more accessible to readers of all ages as Baker and Clark are content to illustrate characters with a sense of whimsy to them. The panels are stacked and laid out quite cleanly making the book a pretty easy read visually. And the colors by Anthony Clark are largely darker and pay particular attention to the cave setting that most of the issue takes place in.

Real Science Adventures #1 is pretty lighthearted in its approach and setting. The Flying She-Devils are an interesting crew and it'll be exciting to see if they can pull off the heist they're planning. The story itself is a fairly standard caper tale, but Clevinger's characters are interesting enough where they'll carry the story and make it exciting. The artwork by Baker and Clark is pretty harmless in its style, even though it adds a youthful flair to the visuals. Real Science Adventures #1 is amusing and entertaining for readers looking for something a little less mainstream.

Real Science Adventures #1 is available now.