Review - Things You Shouldn't Remember #1 (@DarbyPopComics)

There are things you try very hard to remember, things such as grocery lists, appointments, etc. There are other things you may remember that you don't really know why you're remembering them, such as song lyrics for instance. Unlike in Things You Shouldn't Remember #1 from Darby Pop Publishing, remembering the latter in your daily life won't get you killed. The issue is written and lettered by Luis Roldan Torquemada, illustrated by Mariano Eliceche and colored by Angel Lidon.

Dozens of people from all across the United States suddenly find themselves recalling random things: song lyrics, places, and events that seem to have been erased from both collective memory and recorded history. Fearing the spread of a virus-like plague, a mysterious group known as "The Handlers" is tasked with hunting and destroying those who recollect. But, does the end justify the means? And what if you were the one whose mind was unwittingly filled with things you shouldn't remember? Things You Shouldn't Remember serves up a cocktail of adventure, horror, and humor in a story that will keep you guessing... and make you wonder if your own memories should be trusted.

Collective memory is a fascinating thing and Torquemada leans into that in Things You Shouldn't Remember #1 pretty violently. There's a lot going on in the first issue, but Torquemada works to introduce the reader to the Handlers who are criss-crossing the country to deal with the newfound recollections. There's some jumping around in the issue as Torquemada seeks to set the stage for the events and it all start to come together by the end of the issue. The dialogue is very matter of fact throughout the book and gets right to the point, but that doesn't mean that Torquemada can't have a little fun with it along the way. The overall premise of the book is presented pretty solidly in the first issue, even though Torquemada is a little stingy with some of the information off the bat.

The artwork by Eliceche gives the book something of a Quentin Tarantino vibe. For instance, the Handlers look like a pairing from a Tarantino movie in that they sport somewhat exaggerated features and appearances. Eliceche's style is very sharp and angular that allows the characters to stand out more against the backgrounds. In fact, all the characters are illustrated in a way that feels as if they're caricatures of people which lends a sense of outrageousness to the proceedings in general. Lidon's colors further infuse the book with remnants of a disturbing alternate reality.

Things You Shouldn't Remember #1 is a very provocative book in that it punishes ordinary people for remembering seemingly ordinary things. The reasoning for the Handlers still remains to be seen, but it's expected that future issues will shine more light on their motivations. Torquemada's script is a little jumpy at times as it moves from one setting to the other, but by the end of the issue themes start to emerge. Eliceche's artwork is a good match for the content of the comic as it's just a bit off-kilter. Things You Shouldn't Remember #1 is an interesting read that gives readers a glimpse at a new concept that plays on familiar emotions.

Things You Shouldn't Remember #1 will be available in August.