Review - Justice Inc: The Avenger #1 (@DynamiteComics)

When you're a superhero of sorts it's important to have a team that supports you and believes in you. Nothing can be truer when you're the superhero and you're being detained by law enforcement authorities. Richard Benson needs that help in Justice Inc: The Avenger #1 from Dynamite Entertainment. The issue is written by Kyle Higgins and Joe Gentile, illustrated by Alexandre Shibao, colored by Natalia Marques and lettered by Troy Peteri.

When the FBI discovers evidence that incriminates Richard Benson in a brutal murder, the Avenger finds himself arrested and subjected to an intense investigation by the Bureau’s best agents! Now the Justice, Inc. team must spring into action to save their leader, and discover if there’s a sinister plot at play; or could the Avenger actually be guilty of such a heinous crime?

Higgins and gentile know that there are some readers who many not be very familiar with Richard Benson and they do a great job of introducing him and his outfit to said readers. Justice Inc: The Avenger #1 is written in a way that's very accessible, in that Higgins and Gentile set everything up quite elegantly. Despite much of the issue feature Branson being interrogated, there's still plenty said about his character through his responses to the police and his actions. And while all of this occurs, Higgins and gentile also give the rest of his team the chance to show the reader who they are as they work to prove Branson's innocence. The dialogue throughout is very focused and cuts straight to the point throughout as Higgins and Gentile allow the characters' actions to do all the talking.

Shibao does a great job with the artwork, illustrating the characters with a nod to an older time.

Justice Inc: The Avenger #1 is a very strong first issue that lays the groundwork for what could be an interesting series with a whodunnit bent. Richard Benson is in the midst of something he's not fighting too hard to get out of, knowing that he will likely be vindicated at some point. Higgins and Gentile know what makes both him and his team tick, giving the reader insights into their dynamic by way of their actions. Shibao's illustrations are a great fit for the book and appropriately set the tone for the work and the era. Justice Inc: The Avenger #1 kicks things off for a series rife with plenty of twists and turns.

Justice Inc: The Avenger #1 is available now.