Review - P.i.S. Paranormal Investigators Showdown #1

The paranormal is all around us. The problem is that most people aren't equipped to deal with or even observe it. Situations where the paranormal become normal require the services of an outfit such as P.i.S. Paranormal Investigators Showdown #1. The issue is written and lettered by Guido Martinez, penciled by Wilson Palacio, inked by Scott Forster and colored by Christopher Denney.

Phil Shallowhall and his partner Marty run a rather successful paranormal P.I. business--Phil possessing astral powers and capacities and Marty acting as the muscle. However, even in such a small market there is competition. Sofia Yanoni also runs a paranormal P.I. business. As they cross paths, they are bound to get on each other's nerves, just as any former couple would. Get ready to dive into a world of paranormal mystery, action, comedy romance and the drama the latter implies.

Martinez opens up P.i.S. Paranormal Investigators Showdown #1 with a focus on the relationships that will define the series more than the paranormal aspect of things. Phil and Sofia are rivals of sorts, but Martinez adds in another layer to their dynamic by making them former spouses that ignites things even further. In an effort to convey this to the reader, Martinez puts a lot of dialogue into the book that feels a little overwhelming at times. There are some points where the dialogue feels a little dense, but Martinez does his best to keep things on track for the plot to unfold. The premise of the story itself is taken to a more interesting level because of the dynamic between the two main characters.

Palacio's pencils feel like an appropriate style for the book, although there are some instances where it feels a little askew. For instance, there are a couple of profile shots where the anatomy comes across as slightly off-kilter, as if the faces weren't drawn in a way that's anatomically natural. Aside from that though, Palacio does a good job with clean lines throughout that give the book a look that feels like a hybrid between a cartoon and a comic. Forster's inks amplify the linework by giving the lines heft. Denney's colors are darker, yet still capable of giving the book a sense of surrealism that reminds the reader they're dealing with the supernatural.

P.i.S. Paranormal Investigators Showdown #1 is treading familiar water, but the character interactions are what's going to make the book stand out. Phil and Sofia are every bit as capable as one another in their field, but when they cross paths their personal lives will spill over. The script by Martinez is pretty dense in its attempts to prepare the reader for the series to come. Palacio's pencils are largely solid in their approach, buoyed further by Forster's inks. P.i.S. Paranormal Investigators Showdown #1 is a fun first issue that doesn't take itself too seriously and has some great ambitions.

P.i.S. Paranormal Investigators Showdown #1 is available now.