Review - Jirni Volume 3 #1 (@AspenComics)

"Perhaps not as easy as you might think."

The life of a djinn is one fraught with peril and danger. Most everyone they encounter fear them and try to kill them, while others who aren't afraid of them want them to join them in dangerous situations as leverage. Ara finds a little bit of both in Jirni Volume 3 #1 from Aspen Comics. The issue is written by J.T. Krul, illustrated by Michael Sta. Maria, colored by John Starr and lettered by Micah Myers.

Follow Ara through a fantastical world of high-adventure!

Krul largely centers the issue around setting up Ara as a hero of sorts by pitting her against a group of seemingly innocuous bandits. It's a simple enough way to achieve that goal while at the same time letting the reader know that there's something bigger on the horizon for Ara to square off against--the likes of which are revealed at the end of the issue. Considering most of the issue focuses on that point, Krul does a decent job of giving Ara plenty of opportunities to flex her savior muscle. There's also an undercurrent of something else sinister going on that Krul will no doubt lean on as an even grander opponent for Ara to face. The dialogue by Krul is pretty engaging for the reader as well, characterizing Ara with plenty of strong talk and bold proclamations.

The artwork by Sta. Maria is interesting in its somewhat frenetic approach. Sta. Maria staggers the panels on every page in a somewhat haphazard arrangement that lends itself well to the frenzied combat between Ara and the bandits. There are also plenty of establishing shots of Ara that give the reader a look at her quiet confidence. In fact, Sta. Maria puts Ara front and center in just about every panel she's a part of; even more so, other characters are also given a similar focus in the panels. Starr's colors are pretty bold and Ara in particular pops because of how great the contrast is between her skin tone and the others around her.

Jirni Volume 3 #1 is another entry in the franchise that capitalizes on a main character content with being a badass. Ara is on a mission to help those who need the help those who need it in search of someone else like her. Krul's script is clean and easy, effectively giving the reader all the insights they need to know what's going on without getting lost. Sta. Maria's artwork is equally as clean, rendering Ara sharply and convincing the reader that she can hold her own in combat. Jirni Volume 3 #1 doesn't stray too far from familiar territory for the character and franchise, but what's there is still entertaining.

Jirni Volume 3 #1 is available now.