Review - Angelica Reigns #1 (@EvoluzionePub)

"Epic fail."

Family is family. You take the good with the bad, mainly because you're always going to be tied to your family. Things like that are a little trickier when your mom is a witch like in Angelica Reigns #1 from Evoluzione Publishing. The issue is written by Brian Hawkins, illustrated by Federico Sabbatini, colored by Chiara Miriade and lettered by Brant Fowler.

Angelica is trying to establish a life outside of the shadow of her mother's cult and Qakare's power. She's a young woman in a new city making new connections. All of that is put on hold when she becomes prey to a secret society called, The Faith. They are a faceless, timeless and secret organization with roots that go back to the crusades. Their mission is to bring purity back to this world. They have ways to track and monitor dark magic.

Hawkins doesn't allow the fact that Angelica Reigns #1 is a first issue as he sets the story off running at a furious pace. The reader is given a slight peek into the magic behind the world in the series, but Hawkins also does a lot in characterizing Angelica herself. She's very rambunctious and grappling with her immense power much in the way that's sort of a cross between Samantha from Bewitched and Willow from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer; she knows she shouldn't openly flaunt her power, but she also realizes there are parts of life that would be easier with it. Her abilities serves as the crux of the story and making her the narrative focus allows the story to flow through and around her. There's a good bit of grander machinations at work throughout the issue, but Hawkins does an admirable job in not letting their magnitude completely engulf the characters and the direction they go in.

Sabbatini provides a fantastic amount of pop to the book with his illustrative style. The characters are illustrated in a way that screams comic book with Sabbatini rendering them with slightly cartoonish physiques and poses that lighten the otherwise heavy tone. Angelica looks like a normal enough youth trying to make it in the big city, while her beau Josue looks like a good match for her. Sabbatini's style is very sharp as he evokes strong angles and sharp curves for all the characters. Miriade also uses an abundance of color throughout the book, infusing it with a level of brightness that helps the book flow even better.

Angelica Reigns #1 is a very entertaining and fun first issue. Angelica is very engaging as a lead character and the world definitely seems to revolve around her and her choices. Hawkins' script is pretty slick and adventurous, moving the plot quite swiftly in getting things in position for the remainder of the series. Sabbatini's artwork is very cool and brimming with style, giving the book a very youthful and exhilarating feel. Angelica Reigns #1 is an entertaining first issue that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Angelica Reigns #1 is available now.